“It’s a softer, more textured look than drywall,” she says. Left: Lee had the Heath Ceramics subway tile installed vertically for a modern look. Right: The concrete counters embrace the column. The kitchen cabinets bend around the angled walls and the column. (“The angle of the street results in irregularly shaped spaces throughout the building,” says Lee.) The cabinet form, with novel upper doors that slide and never fully cover the storage space, is decidedly modern. Their material, reclaimed white oak, is not. “The wood complements the original floors,” says Lee. “The design is unconventional, but it allows you to curate what you see on the upper shelves, changing the openings to display objects of different sizes. It was important to see through the cabinets to the plaster wall behind." The countertops and backsplash are concrete, a visually softer material that melds with the more rustic textures in the room. The backsplash is a few shades lighter than the countertop. “I like how the plaster, wood, and concrete work together,” says Lee.

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